Atum Developments applies a holistic approach promoting the interconnectedness of its development services.

We have brought together multiple developmental service lines, enabling us to leverage their combined experience along with the expertise of our partner firms. These service lines include:

  • Acquisition
  • Development
  • Leasing & Sales


Atum’s acquisition team not only has decades of experience in identifying profitable projects but can also draw on their professional networks, including real estate experts, community leaders, and international investors. This combination of experience and relationships enables us to uncover meaningful investments.

These investments are judged by our acquisition team based on whether development would result in substantial added-value. To ensure this result and minimize investments risks, the acquisition team follows a due diligence process that includes the following analyses:

  • local market variables, including supply and demand, municipal-level development plans, national financial policies, and legal hurdles
  • extra-market variables, including relative interest rate fluctuations, competition in neighboring economies, global development trends and investment migration
  • other success factors from building expenses to costs savings and from targeting tenant groups to ensuring compliance with our sustainability standards


Atum’s development team is made up of a diverse group of professionals combining skills in architecture, construction, design, finance, and project management. They possess years of experience in realizing projects that are on time, on budget, and of the highest quality.

The team is tasked with not only delivering superior developments but also identifying and contributing elements that benefit the surrounding communities. They work with local leaders to identify possibilities for not only integrating the developments into their communities but also making improvements to these communities whether as restorations of infrastructure or sustainability measures that produce environmental benefits.

Leasing & Sales

Atum’s leasing and sales team is responsible for targeting tenant and owner groups around the world. They are a truly global team able to effectively communicate with international brokerages in their native languages, including English, Greek, Mandarin, and Russian.

This team plays an important role in contributing to the strategies of both our Acquisition and Development teams. They are the Devil’s Advocate for the Acquisition Team, ensuring that focus is kept on the goal of full occupancy by end-users. Leasing and Sales also helps the Development team incorporate the special needs of our target groups into the project’s main design and function elements.